Hue Twist is a Philips Hue replacement for the original spinner from the classic game Twister™. It will make the already super fun game even more immersive.
Hue Twist allows you to play the original game with the help of your Philips Hue lights.
Spin the wheel and your playing room will flash through the colors while spinning. When the wheel stops it will light up the room in the selected color by the wheel.
Hue Twist will then (optionally) pronounce the color and limb to place on that color. (eg; “Left hand on red!” ) which makes this app also usable without Philips Hue.

Play, Twist, Lights, Colors, fun…. Hue Twist for Philips Hue.

Let’s go over the controls and learn how to use them.

This is the main screen of Hue Twist.



Turn the wheel by swiping your finger any direction on the wheel. The wheel will start turning. If you want the wheel to stop turning tap in the colored centre of the wheel.

Whenever you’ve stopped the wheel or it has stopped by itself the middle section, and sounds, tells you which limb you have to place on which color on your twister mat. Of course the Hue Lights will indicate the selected color as well.




The lights screen show all your lights registered in your Hue Bridge. Select a room by tapping the switch. Or select single lights by tapping their names. Selected lights can be identified by tapping the name of the lights. The actual light will blink when selected to help indentify it. Lights not selected will not be touched by Hue Twist. Use select all / select none buttons as needed.



You can adjust some settings in the second tab of the tab bar.

  1. Brightness: you can brighten or dim the lights selected
  2. Sounds: you can switch of the sounds of the decision of the wheel. You can still check the centre of the wheel for its decision.
  3. Find new bridge: this will start the find new bridge flow to find new or switch to another bridge.
  4. Send feedback: have a problem or feature request? Please use this method of contacting us!



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